About us

The Irish Association Spain was formed in 1997 to assist and inform Irish nationals who have chosen Spain as their adopted home or holiday destination. We exist to facilitate social contact between Irish people living in Spain, Irish people holidaying in Spain, Spanish nationals wishing to travel to or live in Ireland and people with a general interest in Irish history, culture and traditions

Working closely with many of the townhalls, we publish details of up and coming events and clubs and classes that may be of interest to members. We would also like to have information and photographs when you have special events

We are well known on Costa de Sol for our St Patricks day Celebrations and we hold various social events throughout the year.

On this site we have listed preferred service providers where their service and products are monitored to ensure the highest quality service to our members. Where possible, we try to support and encourage used of the many Irish Owned businesses in Spain.

We hope that you enjoy the site and find the information useful. There are various ways to contact us so please tell us of your experience using this site and we would also welcome your suggestions on how we can improve.